Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Bed

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Adjustable Bed

Chrysalis motorised beds are a range of four function fully motorised patient care beds, which are CE certified and built to promise : patient comfort, caregiver convenience, unparalleled safety, ease of mobility and ease of maintenance. Additionally, they incorporate a wide range of value-added features, compatibility with multiple accessories, elegant aesthetics and flexibly designed to match the needs of intensive care

Features and other details:

User-friendly control panels for operating all functions siderails:
Shelters the patient from falls in all bed positions.

Caregiver control panel:
Ensures caregiver efficiency and patient safety, with enhanced safety features

Enclosed form of head and leg board:
Aligned with sideboard for enhanced protection

Absorbs impact during mobility

Linen holder:
Facilitates changing of bed linen

Castor brakes with directional lock:
For guaranteed safety and control during mobility

Dropdown sideboard mechanism:
Controlled, dampened release mechanism for safe & silent sideboard movements

Patient control panel:
Optional, gives autonomy to the patient

Optimised under structure:
For clean and sleek look and ease of maintenance

Wire retainer/winder:
For efficient wire management and clutter-free access

Choice of different castors provides ease of mobility with flexibility

Sleek clear understructure mechanism:
Comprehensive labels, graphics, and safety alarms to prevent damage due to wear, reliable electricals certified with rigorous testing





Chrysalis Lite

1010 mm

2206 mm

450 mm to 825 mm